Just a short note to say how much ***** and ****** enjoyed last night’s session. They were really buzzing and enthusing in the car on the way home. 

PS the 45 min car journey home last night was filled with ******* raving about how much she LOVES Rebel. Everything about it. Thank you

She loved the session on Friday and when I asked her what is her favourite hockey ‘stuff’ throughout the year, without hesitation she said Rebel!


Rebel Hockey Academy is a performance programme that has been set up to provide extra support and high performance training for top performing young players between U13 and U19. Rebel Hockey Academy is based in Southampton and Reading and is open to hockey players from all clubs & schools.


The programme has two main aims:


1. To provide a high quality, high intensity but player led training environment where all players can learn, develop, invent and excel. We aim to provide top quality coaching to support players development through game play focused and decision rich practices. 

2. Provide a sports science support network and create an environment within which young players can thrive and develop towards their maximum potential both on and off the field. We aim to educate players on the wider aspects of performance sport and support them in becoming an athlete not just a hockey player. 

The academy offers strength & conditioning, SAQ, sports psychology, sports nutrition and injury management support sessions as well as the on pitch sessions. The support  offered is provided by experts in their respective fields. Rebel also offers high performance hockey camps featuring coaching from a team of highly skilled coaches and players with national league, premier League and international experience. 

Rebel Hockey aims to help players develop a wide range of skills and to develop their decision making skills within game play focused and player driven practices. Training is provided to support players participation in their club and school programmes and to ensure players are sharp when they attend. 

We’re delighted to have been raising money for Tusk since 2020. Tusk are a charity whose work is close to our hearts and we are delighted to be able to use our platform to do what we can.


The Tusk logo features on the front of all our kit for players to help raise awareness for the incredible work they do. Find out about the incredible work Tusk do here http://tusk.org 

Donate here!

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