Part of what Rebel Hockey offers is a network around the players to support and educate them. Elite level performance is about more than just what you do on the pitch. Field Hockey is a sport with a wide range of physical requirements. When in possession, players need to be explosive to gain space. The ability to accelerate rapidly and change direction is vital. In defence, players need to be able to track opposition attackers and get into low positions, often holding them for extended periods. The level of hard work that goes into physically preparing athletes for the demands of elite level hockey is huge. 

Our conditioning session is designed to help players understand what the physical demands of hockey are and how strength & conditioning training can help them. Players will also be given a taste of a tailored conditioning session for young athletes, run live by Henry Davies. Henry is a qualified trainer with experience of working with elite athletes across different sports including hockey where he worked with the Wales senior women's team. 

The support programme is included within the academy programme at each centre.

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